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Because life delivers enough destruction and death, Carol’s screenplays are compelled to end in the triumph of love. Even with the firm footing in earthy muddy experiences, her stories transcend readers and viewers to a new, preferred reality.

Her characters struggle with their individual autonomy being forced into a world of conformity, rules, traditions, and worse yet, expectations. Usually, a gentle rebel outwits and survives in her screenplays.



Adapted from Carol’s novel The Way Forward.

Bubba ‘freakin’ Stern, overconfident bad boy Investigative Reporter, stumbles onto what appears to be a standard corporate fraud case. But when two disabled young Hispanic workers enter the picture, he loses his objectivity and for the first time his cold heart experiences real empathy. It’s ironic how empathy leads to the best story, renewed inspiration, and surprisingly, to true love.


Unintentional adultery is such sweet fire, as Jean Hodges and Larry Lamar’s hearts accidentally combust into an affair. A sizzling Manhattan romantic comedy that fizzles in the heat of well-tempered friends who confront and assault the passion and poetry of their hearts.


M. Curie

Semifinalist, Final Draft Screenplay Competition, 2018.

Enduring conflict, scorn, and the shadow of a persistent personal scandal, Nobel Scientist Marie Curie uncovers what really matters in life. In discovering two elements that alter the course of medical and nuclear science, Curie blows the glass walls of science off their hinges. From a lump of pitchblende, she becomes the world’s greatest scientist, while also discovering the true source of acceptance radiates from deep within herself.

Deliver Us

Determined to do good works, naive newcomer Sister Jacquelyn finds the more good she does for the barrio street gangs on her block, the more trouble she causes. Confronting the often comic tribal loyalty in every social group teaches her to embrace the practical rather than the conventional.


Looking For A Life

An Hispanic Zorba-like figure, Perfecto Morales, who speaks in dichos (insightful humorous sayings), inspires and provokes indifferent Dr. Troy Chastain and a complacent community to generously respond and help an insignificant immigrant, four-year old Samuel Aguilar, in need of a transplant. In performing an emergency televised instructional transplant, the doctor finds his own heart.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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