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A screenwriter turned novelist and children's book writer, Carol Ikard embraces the romance of living and learning, assumes they’re synonymous, and though some days are cloudy the sun eventually rises again to illuminate the lesson. Love must prevail in her stories though rarely as expected, since life sometimes gives us bananas when we ask for cherries. Carol crafts her stories to have unexpected turns...just like life.

Carol’s interest in transcendence runs through art that interests her and the fiction she writes. She holds aesthetic transcendence is innate, whether one seeks it in a short story, a film, art, sports, sex, or literature. Her screenwriting encompasses stories of persons deciding whether altruism is worth it.

She writes about the ironies in life that unhinge the reader or viewer to a door opening to a vibrant world of humorous reality.

Because life delivers enough destruction and death, Carol’s screenplays are compelled to end in the triumph of romantic love, otherwise why read or watch stark downers as there is sufficient before our eyes. Even with the firm footing in earthy muddy experiences, her stories transcend readers and viewers to a new, preferred reality.

Her characters struggle with their individual autonomy being forced into a world of conformity, rules, traditions, and worse yet, expectations. Usually, a gentle rebel outwits and survives in her screenplays.

All her children’s stories deal with real life lessons: self-acceptance, world peace, understanding alcoholism, and learning boundaries, whose insights are gently taught through bird and animal characters.

Her education includes a Ph.D. in Aesthetic Education; M.A. in Creative Writing; and B.S. in Speech and English. She has studied creative writing at Oxford University and screenwriting with Jill Chamberlain, Natalie Goldberg, John Truby, and Robert McKee.

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