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Childrens Books

"Exploring a forest of creative ideas requires bravery. As in Jack in the Beanstalk, it requires pushing open the heavy, groaning doorway to life and facing with chin out what you find on the other side."    - Carol Ikard


Oka the Okapi Explains Self-Acceptance

Oka the okapi looks like she has many parts from many different animals and everyone wants her to change and look like them. The other animals and birds mock her until she sees how everyone being the same is boring.

Sequin the Snake Explains World Peace

Birds live peacefully together until a snake moves into their territory. The birds try different ways to get rid of him until one small sparrow implements a plan that makes everyone happy, especially Sequin.


Ryan the Rhyno Explains Alcoholism to Children

Living with Ryan the Rhyno, a rhinoceros who drinks green pickle juice, often embarrasses the family who hides him or hide themselves until they find another solution.

Zeke the Zebra and Lola the Leopard Explain Boundaries

Zeke has brown stripes and Lola has the stripes he wants. Together they find a brave way to change the color of his stripes and award her with spots, by setting boundaries and resisting bullies.

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